We Need a New Name!

We’ve been loving the growth of this blog and the positive feedback we’ve received since launching it a couple of years ago. However, when some of us attended the Evangelical Press Association annual convention in early April, we started to notice that “Christian Freelance Writers Network blog,” while precise and descriptive, took a long time to say every time we wanted to point someone to this great resource.

That’s when we figured out it might be time to give this blog a shorter name. We’d love your input! If you’ve been following CFWN for a while, you probably have a good sense of what we’re all about and what we offer. What would you call this blog?

Please share your ideas in the comments below or send them to us by email (christianfwn@gmail.com). Thanks!

3 thoughts on “We Need a New Name!

  1. To participate in the brainstorming–I’d suggest we don’t need the word Christian because the writing techniques apply to all good writing. I’m not sure we need to define the blog as for freelancers either because there are many working in nonprofits who can benefit from the posts. In my opinion, the title needs to broaden the audience.

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  2. I’ve been pondering this question, and it seems the best way is to make it as short as possible and a name that says exactly what we are. We’re not just Christian freelance writers–if I’m understanding the purpose and target audience of the group as everyone else sees it (so the group doesn’t get unwieldy and stays focused), Also, some of us are also freelance editors and writing instructors. So I propose simply the name EPA Freelancers or EPA Freelance Network. The former makes a short, easy to remember initialism,* EPAF, and doesn’t create a word that could be problematic 🙂

    That’s my two cents for today. I look forward to hearing everyone else’s weighing in with ideas.
    *initialialism as distinguished from acronym, which actually creates a word, like SCUBA


    1. Thanks for your input, Joyce (and the explanation about initialism vs. acronym!) From the onset, we wanted this network to go beyond EPA and, indeed, most of the people who follow this blog are not EPA members, so I’m not sure that would really work. But it’s a possibility!


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